Fourth Annual AV STEM Expo – 2018

This year’s STEM Expo showed 95 projects from 7 different categories including: Environmental/Agricultural Innovation, Invention, Reverse Engineering, Robotics & Computer Science, Rube Goldberg, Science Fiction, and Scientific Inquiry. There was a fantastic display of ingenuity and thought in this year’s entries. We had approximately a dozen judges from the community coming from fields of science and engineering to help score the projects this year.  In the end, however, there was one grand prize winner. Dorsa Rahmani’s (QHHS) scientific inquiry into Manuka honey and how it can be used to combat humankind’s ever growing resistance to antibiotics took the top prize, a MacBook Air, a Kindle Fire HD 8, a trophy, and a medal.  All other 1st place winners from each of the seven categories received a Kindle Fire HD 8 tablet, a medal, and a trophy. Thank you to everyone who participated and good luck next year.

Prize Ceremony

Prize Ceremony

Student With Display

Public Viewing

Rube Goldberg Machine

1st Place – Rube Goldberg Machine

Scientific Inquiry

1st Place – Environmental Innovation

Student Explaining Project

Student With Invention

Students Ready to Present

Grand Prize Winner


Scientific Inquiry – Is Manuka Honey the Answer to Antibiotic Resistance? – QHHS

Grand Prize – MacBook Air

1st Place – Kindle Fire HD 8, Trophy, and Gold Medal

2nd Place – Silver Medal

3rd Place – Bronze Medal